The United Airlines Cancellation policy suggests that all flights in United airlines which are cancelled within a time period of 24 hours. Passengers do not need to pay a United Flights Cancellation fee if they cancel the booked flight tickets within 24 hours. If the tickets are cancelled post 24 hours a nominal Cancellation fee is charged. 

Cancellation Method for United Airlines Flight Cancellation: 

United Airlines Cancellation

Passengers can cancel the United Airlines flight tickets by visiting the “my booking section” on the official website of United Airlines. In case the Cancellation takes place in 24 hours of the reservation being made then no charges are applicable if the booking is cancelled post 24 hours then United Airlines Cancellation fee charges are applicable.  Follow the simple steps to cancel your United Fight:

  • Visit the, select my trips from the drop down menu. 
  • Passengers can use the reservation number or information to retrieve the booking details.
  • Now click on the cancel flight button. 
  • Passengers need to confirm flight Cancellation. 
  • Passengers need to choose the flight credit option and apply the flight credit for making a new flight reservation. 
  • To cancel an award ticket you need to click on cancel flight. 
  • Once the option is clicked your miles within an award ticket are deposited again to your account. 

The United Cancellation Policy is designed to safeguard the interest of passengers and provide them timely refund. 

Refund Policy at United Airlines:

In case passengers wish to seek a refund in a fast pace manner, they can cancel their flight ticket in 24 hours to access the refund. The refund policy suggests passengers need to raise a refund request online on the official website. The necessary booking information can be furnished on the website. 

The united airlines refund policy suggests that if your travel is affected due to Covid 19 pandemic, the passengers can request for a refund and the same will be processed. Before applying for any refund passengers need to make a valid Cancellation of the flight ticket. Passengers can receive the refund amount either as a flight credit or in the mode the payment was made originally. 

Under the refund policy 2 kinds of tickets are categorized these are the following- (i) Refundable Ticket and (ii) Nonrefundable Ticket.

  • A refundable ticket in United airlines can be cancelled by passenger free of cost or with nominal deductions. 
  • A nonrefundable ticket in United airlines can be cancelled with a Cancellation charge charged to the passengers. 

United Airlines Cancellation Fee: 

United Airlines permits passengers to apply for an Electronic Travel Certificate that is issued to passengers so that the entire amount of their flight ticket can be refunded back to them. United airlines charges its passengers a United Airlines Cancellation charge of $ 200 for domestic travel via United airlines. 

If passengers are making same day changes to the flight tickets on United airlines. For this the airline charges $75 per change. However, those passengers who enjoy club memberships are able to cancel the tickets free of cost as the Cancellation fee applicable is waived off. 

For flights booked under the basic economy category, the Cancellation process itself is not permitted since it’s a base category. If it is a nonrefundable ticket in domestic airlines the passenger will be charged a Cancellation fee of $200. At the same time international travel can be cancelled after paying a United Flights Cancellation fee of $400. 

Award tickets can be cancelled at a Cancellation charge of $75 to $125 in the different club memberships enjoyed by passengers. 

United Airlines 24 hours’ Cancellation policy:

The United Airlines Cancellation policy for 24 hours, clearly suggests that all flight tickets booked in United airlines can be cancelled in a time period of 24 hours. This flexibility is given to the flight tickets booked on the united airlines reservations website.

  • The 24 hours’ policy applicability starts as soon as you make the reservation. 
  • All transactions made will be refunded in the original mode of payment. 
  • Passengers can also make a purchase using the electronic gift card that will be refunded in the electronic gift certificate. 
  • Cancellation of group tickets are dependent on the terms and conditions laid in the group contract. 
  • Reservations made but if the payment has not been made, in such cases the 24-hour Cancellation policy is not applicable. 
  • Any kind of price locks used to book tickets will not be refunded. Since there is no impact on fare. The fare does not increase or decrease when price lock is applied. 

These processes assist in United Airlines Flight Cancellation as when required provided the terms and conditions are met. 

Key Steps Involved in Making Changes in the Flight: 

  • Passengers can open the web page of choose the my trip option from the drop down menu. 
  • Passengers should enter information related to the flight details to view your booking information of the flight that needs changes. 
  • Select either the option of change flight or edit option to proceed with the following changes. 
  • Choose the continue option to continue further with the process. 
  • Complete the booking process and then confirm your new flight. 

Key Steps Involved in Flight cancelling and Re-booking: 

  • Passengers need to open the web page of
  • Passengers can choose the “my trips” option to view the details of the flight which needs to be cancelled and re-booked for a future date. 
  • Now choose the option to cancel flight.
  • Now choose the flight confirmation option. 
  • For re-booking a new flight please select the future flight credit option to book a new flight reservation in future. 

Refundable and Nonrefundable Tickets In United Airlines: 

United airlines offer 2 categories of tickets, the first category is refundable tickets. When any passenger makes a purchase of the refundable ticket on United Airlines you are able to make changes or cancel the tickets without paying a Cancellation charge. 

Nonrefundable tickets are those tickets on united airlines in which the unutilized portion of the ticket is partially refundable. The other option is that in the case of economy tickets nothing is refundable and Cancellation fee is charged. Cancellation fee of $200 to $ 400 is deducted on domestic and international sectors respectively. 

Passengers who book tickets under the various club memberships of United Airlines enjoy the benefits of Cancellation by getting a Cancellation fee waiver applied while proceeding with the Cancellation process for United Airlines Flight Cancellation

Travel Insurance Policy of United Airlines: 

    • The United airlines travel insurance policy clearly suggests it covers the passengers against accidental mishaps. 
    • Trip insurance at United Airlines provides passengers with emergency travel assistance. 
    • The AIG travel offers the option of Travel guard insurance offers protection from Cancellation of travel plans, any delays in travel from the airlines side. Further it protects passengers from loss of personal baggage. 
    • Passengers are eligible for medical assistance and emergency services.
  • Travel insurance safeguards the interests of passengers. 

Applying for a Refund with United Airlines: 

The easiest method to apply for a refund with United airlines is passengers travelling by United Airlines need to raise a United airline refund request on the official website of the airline. Based on the information provided in the refund request, it can be processed if Cancellation of the airline ticket is made within 24 hours from booking on the airline. All refund requests are validated and processed further post the seal and approval from United airlines refund team.

Key steps involved for raising a refund request: 

  • Passengers need to raise a United airline refund request by clicking on the United Refund Center tab. 
  • Under the option called request for a refund, passengers need to fill their personal information in the required tab in the available space. 
  • Now click on option called “Add flight” 
  • Choose the specific items for processing under the refund. 
  • Passengers will have to mention their surname and ticket number on the next tab opened. 
  • Once the passenger clicks on add flight the flight information will open up on the screen. 
  • In the refund form you need to specify the reasons for raising a request for refund.
  • Passengers need to share their contact information on the form so that the refund team can reach out to you to valid the refund process. 
  • Submit button helps you to process a refund form easily. 

United Airlines Is Not Processing A Passenger’s Refund Request? 

There can be various reasons due to which a refund is not processed by the United Airlines for a passenger. For example, the passenger might have purchased an economy category flight ticket. Or the passenger might have applied for a refund request after the designated time period is over.

In case of a non-refundable ticket only the non-utilized portion of the ticket is refundable. Also in cases such as emergency or death in the family the passenger is eligible for a 100% refund of the value of the ticket. 

Passenger’s role in seeking a refund:

  • Passengers can fill up the online refund request form, this helps them to submit a refund request timely.
  • In case passengers require any assistance regarding filling up the form they can connect with the customer service team number. 
  • Passengers will be charged a Cancellation fee of $200 to $400 for domestic and international travel. 
  • The refundable amount is calculated on partially for tickets that have been used for partial travel. 
  • Any refunds for tickets processed via credit card will be processed in 7 working days. The processing of tickets purchased in cash or by any other medium takes 20 business days.
  • The refund to passengers is processed in the original way, the way the ticket is purchased.
Frequently asked questions

Ans. Any passenger can expect the full amount to be refunded, if they cancel a refundable ticket within 24 hours of making a reservation on United Airlines. In a nonrefundable ticket only an unutilized portion of the ticket is refunded. In case you wish to book a travel with United airlines a ticket can also be refunded to you as a flight credit called the Electronic travel voucher.

Ans. The total fee charged for a domestic cancellation is around $ 200. It may vary as per the destination of departure. In an international flight of the United airlines, the Cancellation fee charged is about $ 400. This has to be paid by the passenger to United airlines at the time of Cancellation.

Ans.  The various reasons covered in trip Cancellation policy are: 

  • You can claim under the trip insurance if there is a loss of personal baggage during travel. 
  • You can claim a travel claim for accidental mishaps during travel. 
  • Medical emergencies are covered in travel insurance.
  • The travel claim can be claimed or in other words tickets can be refunded if there is a death of an immediate family member with supportive documents.

Ans. Changing a flight and booking a new reservation or Cancellation of a flight on United works out the same since the fee charged ranges from $200 to $400 for domestic and international travel for passengers. The only difference is Cancellation of a flight within 24 hours charges no fee and can be done free of cost.

Ans. In case of a medical illness with the help of relevant medical reports the passenger can cancel the trip and apply for the Cancellation waiver. This means no Cancellation fee is charged to the passenger at the time of Cancellation of the air travel.

Ans. Yes, it is possible for a passenger to cancel a flight ticket booked by the miles, you can process this within 72 hours left for departure. This will allow the passenger to seek refund.

Ans. You can amend the flight details up to 24 hours prior to date of departure however a Cancellation fee or in other words change fee will be deducted from the total value of the ticket the balance amount will be credited back to you either in original version of payment or via a flight credit.

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