Privacy Policy

A consumer should go through the business policy of a company before addressing their services or products. The Impenetrable business agreement may lead to complications sometimes. We, United Airlines Reservations, exhort you to have a look into our privacy policy having complete transparency to ensure a distinct prospect. We believe that if a consumer interacts clearly with us, he/she will be better benefited from our side. By going through our policies, you will understand how we provide our services.  Read our policies and if you find any sort of disagreement, please cease your using our website.

Collection of data

We collect your data only for the purpose of planning and developing our services. We know that data is important and ensure that we collect your data in a secure manner and protect the user’s right. The data we collect includes some basic information such as your name, your date of birth, sex, etc. which is collected when you resistor on our website.

Maintaining maximal security

We know your data is important and we always make sure that your information stays safe with us. To ensure this we go through several security checks andonly authorized officials are permitted to get the access, which also goes through various security verification.

Use of intellectual property

It’s necessary for our users to know that we have our rights on intellectual property such as the content we use, images, symbols, logos, etc. there is a categorical denial on the use of our intellectual property. This may cause us a decrement in our reputation.

Share information with law enforcing agencies

We are honest with our customers. We don’t share our customer’s information with the third party. But in case any law enforced agency, in simple words, agencies working on the government order, ask us to share your information with them, we state that we aren’t responsible.

Price change

You might find a small difference between what you see on the price bar and what you pay. This is all our services depend on market trends.

Reserve rights to use your information

We again say, we never use your data against your will but since you are using our services, you give us rights to use your data for promotional and advertisement campaigns.

We request you to go through the points, explained above, and understand how we have kept the uses of our services.

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