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United Airlines Reservations

United Airlines is a popular airline in the United States of America. This airline came into existence in 1926. Since then the United airlines sector is known to serve approximately 375 destinations in around 60 countries. United Airlines serves the best and world-class services to passengers to enhance their overall travel experience. United Airlines Reservations process has been designed to assist passengers to book their flights in a seamless manner.


How to Make Reservations For Flights In United Airlines? 


This section of the article will discuss the various methods available to passengers to book a flight ticket by using the United Airlines Reservations process. 

  • First visit the web browser and then open the United Airlines web page. 
  • There is an option called “book your travel” that can be clicked. 
  • As a passenger you can provide all the necessary information in the online United flight Reservations form for booking a flight with United airlines. 
  • Information that is required to be filled in the form is date of departure and date of arrival, destinations of departure and arrival respectively. You also need to specify the total number of passengers in a particular booking made via the United Airlines reservation process. 
  • The information furnished by you, assists you to choose your flight from the list of flights which suit your needs. 

The United Airlines reservations team, assists you to seamlessly go through the entire reservation cycle. It also attempts to resolve all queries related to reservations through the toll free United reservations phone number or the web chat support that is available on the official website of the United Airlines. 

United Airlines Reservations Through Official website: 

The official website of United airlines plays a key role in the United Airlines Reservations process. Passengers can book via the official website in the following way. 

United Airlines Reservations on official site

  • First open your browser and then visit the United Airlines Official Website which is
  • If you are an existing user, you can just log on to the website with your registered email id and password. 
  • For a new user the registered account needs to be created by following the sign up process. 
  • Once you login to the website
  • Ensure you have filled up the necessary details in the United flights reservations form. 
  • Make a selection of the seat and the fare category. 
  • Now select the option of search flights to make the appropriate flight selection. 
  • Once you have selected the flight, proceed further for the payment option. 

The United Reservations team works dedicate to assist passengers to resolve their queries. 


United Airlines Reservations via United Airlines App:

  • In order to make it more convenient for passengers so that they are able to book their flight tickets easily. A passenger can download the United Airline App on their smartphones via Google Play Store or App Store on iPhone.
  • Passengers need to open the application on their phones.
  • The necessary information can be filled in the form that opens up on the application. 
  • Passengers need to click on the search flight option so that a list of desired flights appears on the screen.
  • Passengers need to select the flight at an affordable price and proceed for payment post making seat selection.

This is one of the most used United reservations processes used by passengers. 

Group Reservations with United Flights:

Group Reservations with United Flights 

Passengers can make group reservations with United Airlines in the following way. 

  • Open your internet browser. 
  • Visit the website 
  • In a group reservation you can make a booking of 10 passengers at the same time. 
  • All personal details are essential to create a group reservation. 
  • Once your group reservation is created the United airlines reservations will connect back with you once the group reservation form is submitted. 
  • You can avail corporate discounts on group travel. 
  • In group travel you receive the seats next to each other. 
  • There will be a designated volunteer to assist you with the group boarding at the gate. 
  • Groups traveling on united airlines get priority check in. 

For any further queries you can connect with the United Reservations Team or the Customer support team.


United Airlines Reservation via Customer Support:

  • Passengers can contact the customer support team on their official contact number.
  • Passengers can seek assistance from the customer care representative to book their flights, via United Airlines Reservations process.

United Airlines Tickets Booked by Travel Agents:

  • Passengers can select a travel agency of their choice and book their United Flights Reservation through the selected travel agent.
  • Travel agents ensure that timely assistance is provided to the passengers for booking United Flights Reservations.

Passengers can also book United Flight Reservation via the reservations counter available at the designated Reservation counter of the airline.

These are the different methods followed by United Flights Reservations team to ensure enhancement of overall travel experience of passengers travelling via United Airlines.

Check-in Procedure for United Airline:

united airlines check in

Travelers can use the below described methods to carry out a smooth check–in United Airlines either through a United Airline app registration or check–in kiosks.

  • Passengers can check–in with the official website: Passengers can open the official website and click on the online check in option and provide details of the electronic ticket to complete the check–in procedure. Ensure that a single reservation doesn’t have more than 9 people as part of the United Flights Reservations. Otherwise, check–in with the official website will show an error.
  • Passengers can use the United Airline application on their mobile phone to complete the check-in procedure and save the electronic boarding pass on the device which can later be used by the passenger at the time of boarding the aircraft in an offline mode.
  • You can check-in with the Kiosk, please search for the Kiosk at the Airport for United Airlines. Select the preferred language, once the language is chosen, you can enter the confirmation number. You can click on the booking to complete the check-in process by proof reading the baggage details. Now you can print the boarding pass that completes your check in process at the airline.
  • Another Method of check-in procedure is Curbside check-in you need confirmation number, United flight reservations details, and a valid photo id to complete this check-in procedure. 

The Reservation team of United Airlines is well equipped to answer all your desired queries and concerns.

Types of Upgrades:

United Airlines reservations team offers the following upgrades in United Airlines travel. 

  • Mileage plus upgrade awards allow a passenger to upgrade with miles on any united airline or Copa airline which is a partner airline. 
  • Passengers enjoy complimentary upgrades on the domestic flights, this is applicable on the available space for premium elite members. 
  • Premium elite members can enjoy the plus points upgrade that can be used to purchase a United airline ticket on United domestic flights and specific global flights under the united umbrella. 
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards permit passengers to travel with the Star alliance they can upgrade themselves on certain flights where this reward is applicable. 
  • Instant Upgrades: these are available on the ticketing counter; they can be given on a space available basis. 

Upgrade with Miles: 

Passengers can upgrade with miles in the following ways. 

  • Passengers can login into their Mileage plus account and choose their existing ticket, then click on the MileagePlus upgrade award. You can utilize these miles with a co pay to avail the upgrade. 
  • A telephonic conversation can assist passengers to access the Mileage points in the existing reservation. . 
  • Passengers at the time of Check in can upgrade with miles at the ticketing counter. 
  • Passengers can use mileage and co-pay options to easily upgrade on all fares.

Passengers can contact the united reservations support team for further assistance. 

Managing Bookings for United Airlines:

        This section will discuss the steps to manage bookings in United Airlines.

  • The United Airlines Manage Booking section allows you to make relevant amendments in existing booking, it also allows you to customize your travel itinerary which caters your travel needs well.
  • Services provided under the Manage Booking section include the following:
  1. Passengers can change or cancel the existing United Flights Reservations.
  2. Passengers can create and view their travel itinerary.
  3. You can make a choice of preferred seat selection under the Manage Booking section.
  4. You can print your airline ticket from this section.
  5. All special requests like meals, entertainment, medical aid, etc can be requested under this section.
  6. In case, a passenger needs to amend his flight tickets on the same day of travel, he can do so in this section.
  7. You can request for a refund of either cancelled or rescheduled flights by filling a request form in this section.

Steps to manage My Booking in United Airlines:

  •  Open the official website of the United Airline.
  •  Now click the manage booking option, after logging in to your registered account on www.united .com.
  •  You need to provide the booking confirmation number along with the details of all passengers available in that reservation.
  •  Now press the option Search My Booking , this will help you to view all the bookings in your account.

Once you are able to view the Manage Booking Section in United Airlines, you will be eligible to perform all the above mentioned tasks, this facilitates you to make necessary changes to your reservation as and when required. In case you face any challenge while amending your United Airlines flight reservations, you can contact the customer service team to get your queries and concerns resolved.

Choose Your Own Seat: 

Choose Your Own Seat in united airlines

United Airlines Reservations, permits passengers to choose their own seats in all classes of the United airlines, except the economy class. In case you are unable to allot a preferred seat by the seating options available you can request the ground staff to allot you a preferred seat based on availability at the time of boarding the aircraft.  Here are the steps for this:

  • Open the web browser 
  • Now visit the official website, www.
  • Enter the various details related to your flight along with the number of passengers in a single reservation now press the search option. 
  • Select the flight you will travel on from the appeared list. 
  • You need to enter the passenger details and then select each seat whether aisle or window for the passenger. The photo identity card needs to be uploaded on the system. 
  • Carry out a verification process for all passengers, ensure all entered details are accurate. 
  • Click on the continue option to make an appropriate selection of seats. 
  • From the seat plan make a selection of seats which are not grey in color. The blue and orange coded seats are seats with an additional cost involved. 
  • If you click on the next flight option, you can make a seat selection for a connecting flight. 
  • Post the selection of the seat is made, make sure you press the continue button to proceed. 

Seating Guide for Mileage Plus, Premier, and Non Members: 

United Flights reservations permits you to book various seating options as per the membership you hold. 

  • Mileage plus members are given the benefit to enjoy additional services such as award miles, bonuses on travel, best in class travel services. These members can also get free of cost upgrades in the united airline. 
  • The available seating offers are Economy plus, Mileage plus travel awards, Cabin seating in premier class, and plus points upgrade offered by United flights reservations. 
  • If you are a premier member you will enjoy all benefits provided to the Mileage plus members, the additional benefits and services offered by the United airline reservations are travel services offered on priority, waiving off the fee, you can enjoy deals and discounts. You can also enjoy a world class travel experience with Star Alliance airline. 
  • Premium members also enjoy travel awards, plus point upgrades, Star Alliance upgrade award, premium members are also eligible for check in. 
  • Non Members can purchase a seat in economy plus, no other benefits are applicable. 
  • United Reservations will assist the passengers to avail the above at the time of booking a travel with United airlines. 


Types of Class Fares in United Airlines: 

The different types of classes available in United Airlines are:

  • Economy class offers comfortable seating for resting and relaxing
  • Economy plus seating offers additional legroom than the basic economy class. 
  • Business class facilities meet both kinds of needs whether professional or leisure needs. 
  • Passengers can plug in their electronic devices in the business class seats. 
  • Passengers also get early access to luggage that has been checked into the flight. 
  • First class seats are called united first, you are offered 5 star services on the flight. You can check in additional baggage and complimentary meals, pillows and blankets are also provided with comfortable recliner seats. 

For any additional queries or assistance please connect with the United Reservations team. 


Why should you make United Airlines Reservations? 

  • United Airlines offers best in – flight services to passengers at an affordable price.
  • It ensures that passengers are provided value for money when they choose to travel by United Airlines.
  • It offers a safe and secure means of travel.
  • United Airlines serves 375 destinations in over 60 countries.
  • Making an online reservation in United Airlines makes it convenient for the passengers to travel with the airline with ease.
  • United Airlines offers the best in – class facilities to Business Class travelers.
  • United Business travelers are given the preference of boarding the aircraft before other travelers.
  • Business Travelers get the facility to undergo security checks for 2 standardized bags free of cost.

Because of the above reasons, United Airlines is the most preferred airline amongst travelers which caters to both National and International Travel needs. Hence, it is recommended to make a reservation via United Airlines. 

Facts about United Airlines:

            This section lists down interesting facts about United Airlines and United Airlines Reservation process:

  • United Airlines official website is
  • United Airlines was founded in 1926.
  • United Airlines is headquartered at Chicago.
  • United Airlines serves 375 destinations across the globe.
  • United Airlines serves 233 destinations in the United States of America.
  • United Airlines serves approximately 60 countries.
  • On an average the daily departures in United Airlines is about 4,600 flights in a day.
  • United Airlines has an employee strength of 88,000 employees.
  • United Airlines fleet size is 805 aircrafts.
  • United Airlines is known for having the largest fleet size.
  • This popular airline offers a wide range of  Boeing Aircrafts & Airbuses. The fleet size of United Airlines includes more Boeing Aircrafts than Airbus.

Baggage Policy at United Airlines:

All the classes in United airlines are permitted to carry one additional bag along with a utility bag which has a personal item. However, in economy class the baggage that can be carried is only one bag with a personal belonging. Baggage Policy at United Airlines

The weight limit permitted in different classes of travel varies on the ticket category a passenger has purchased. 

  • In Economy class you can carry a weight limit of 23 Kgs. 
  • In Business class you can carry a weight limit of 32 Kgs. 
  • In Premium Gold, Premium Silver, and Premium Platinum the weight limit is 23 Kgs,32 Kgs, and 32 Kgs.  

The baggage fee for check in baggage if it goes over the permissible limit the charges range from $100 to $ 400. For the baggage size ranging from 23 Kgs to 46 Kgs. Anything above this limit the baggage goes on hold the passenger is not allowed to take the baggage on flight. Passengers as per their convenience can contact united reservations to understand the baggage policy. 


Flight Hubs of United Airlines: 

The United airlines operates in the following Flight hubs. They are as follows: 

  1. O Hare International Airport in Chicago
  2. Denver International Airport. 
  3. Houston George Bush International Airport. 
  4. Los Angeles International Airports. 
  • The popular domestic sectors in which the United Airline operates are Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Newark. 
  • The popular international sectors in which United Airlines operates are Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, Cuba, Chez Republic etc. 


Customer Service @ United Airlines: 

Customer service team at United Airlines is a well-equipped team, passengers may have queries related to the MileagePlus Program and Premium Plus program. Passengers may also require a refund for tickets they have not used. At the time of travel passengers may be traveling with children or elderly parents who require special care. These kinds of queries can be addressed and answered by the Customer support team either through call.  Emails are also a good medium to connect with the customer service team. All queries will be answered between 24 hours to 48 hours.

United Flights Reservations faqs

Ans. Open the website, click on the check in tab, you can select the option called my itineraries, now enter the confirmation number to find the reservation linked with that number.

Ans. Passengers can book a ticket with united airlines by using the website, mobile application, reservation call, or a travel agency. The necessary guidelines for creating the booking have been discussed in this article.

Ans. The customer service team can be called on United Airlines Reservations Phone Number. This is a toll free number all your customer queries will be resolved here.

Ans. You can select your flight from the website on the review and payment page click on hold. The reservation made automatically stands canceled post 24 hours. 

Ans. Passengers are facilitated to amend their bookings in a 24 hour window. The total amount is refunded to the passenger for the reservation made.

Ans. Any passenger can go through the seat plan on the website or the mobile app at the time of checking to choose their preferred seat. In all classes you can make a selection except economy class.

Ans. Passengers can check in to their flight 24 hours before it departs.

Ans. It is not recommended to book tickets before you apply for a visa. As Visa may take some time to get approved once you have completed visa formalities.

Ans. Yes, a passenger can recline seats on United Airlines. It is recommended that a passenger must recline his seat slowly keeping in mind the comfort of the passenger sitting behind him.

Ans. A passenger can pay a basic cancellation fee for a non – refundable ticket. In this case the unused value of the ticket can be credited back to the passenger’s account for a trip in future with United Airlines. This unused value can be used for a fresh ticket within a period of 1 year.

Ans. Saver Awards is a category of awards used during domestic travels. It requires 12,500 miles for each trip. 

This category of awards has a low redemption rate and offers a limited amount of seats to choose from.

Everyday Awards is a category of awards which is more widely available. It uses more than 30,000 miles for Economy Class, 60,000 miles for Business Class and a plus 10, 000 for Premier Class travel. They can be availed during peak season easily.

Ans. You cannot change/amend the ticket for another passenger. It has to be changed by the passenger himself.

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